About Amurica TX Photo Booth Rental Services

Over the last few years, Amurica TX has become Austin’s best-loved provider of photo booth rental services.

Sure, there are other vintage photo booth trailers around town—some in Airstreams, others in microbuses. They’ll give you a tiny strip of four photos taken a few seconds apart. Yawn.

But Amurica TX offers a very different experience.

Housed in a converted canned ham trailer full of unusual props, we have a strict policy against the usual Party City photobooth props—no “mustaches on a stick” and no “feather boas.”

Amurica TX is stocked with props both weird and wonderful. The trailer can easily fit you and your 15 closest friends. We use a professional-grade camera and printer and a wide-angle lens to make everyone look fantastic. There’s even a giant monitor outside so other party guests can watch the fun inside the booth!

How The Amurica TX Photo Booth Was Born

Amurica TX was born in late 2016, a sister trailer of Jamie Harmon’s original Amurica photo booth in Memphis. There’s an amazing story behind how it came to be, involving a kidney donation to a stranger, but you’ll have to ask Alicia in person about that. 

Check our social media to see where she is this week. If we aren’t at a wedding or corporate event, we’re probably at Cheer up Charlies or Violet Crown Social Club, so come and say hello.

Want pricing info for your wedding or party? Here it is. Have fun, and don’t be a stranger!

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